What is Royal Blue?

Royal Blue WMA is a resort area in the mountains of East Tennessee. Come explore over 100 miles of ATV trails that wind through the beautiful mountains.

Why do I need the ATVTrailz app?

GPS devices and GPS apps have made navigating roadways much easier. Likewise, the ATVTrailz app makes navigating the trails in the Royal Blue area much easier and more convenient. Find your way around the trails and to points of interest. The ATVTrailz app functions offline, utilizing GPS. Therefore, cell service is not required.

What can I use the ATVTrailz app for?

Use the ATVTrailz app to navigate the trails in the Royal Blue area. The app works like a GPS device or app. View maps of the trails, a list of the different trails, and route paths for yourself through the backwoods. Discover beautiful waterfalls and other hidden wonders with our extensive POI library.

What does the free version include?

The app comes with a trial subscription that includes 2 popular trails.

What does the subscription include?

You receive one full year of access to our professionally mapped trail network, points of interest, and navigation in the Royal Blue WMA. The subscription also includes updates, and new features in Royal Blue that are released while you have an active subscription.

What platform is required to use the ATVTrailz app?

ATVTrailz is available for iOS and Android devices.

What happens if I don’t have cell service

That’s okay. We have designed the app to work offline.

How do I tell which trails are safe?

The ATVTrailz app provides three different logos to indicate the difficulty level of the trails. The indicates a trail is “Easy”. The indicates it is “More Difficult”. The indicates it is “Most Difficult”. These ratings were created by the State of Tennessee, and the trails are often more difficult based on the time of year and trail maintenance. Use the ratings as guidelines, and exercise caution while riding the trails.

Will the app give me directions that include difficult trails?

The app does not include “Black Diamond”, or “Most Difficult”, trails when routing you to your destination, unless your destination is a “Black Diamond” Trail.

How is my information used?

None of your private information is collected. The app uses your location to provide navigation service while using the ATVTrailz app. Your location is NOT personally identifiable, stored, saved, uploaded, or used in any way other than to help you safely navigate.